Algozone Plus 500 mg/ 38,75 mg/ 50 mg 3 x 18 tablets

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Algozone Plus 500 mg / 38.75 mg / 50 mg tablets (metamizole sodium / thiamine hydrochloride caffeine) What is Algison Plus and what it is used for? Algoson Plus is a white or almost white, round, flat tablet, with a line on one side. Algoson Plus is a medicine that contains a combination of three active ingredients: metamizole, vitamin B1 and caffeine. Algoson Plus has a pronounced pain reliever and a temperature-limiting effect, moderate anti-inflammatory action and spasmolytic activity due to metamizole. Caffeine has a stimulating action on the nervous system, constricts the blood vessels and lowers intracerebral pressure, enhances the action of metamizole, facilitating its penetration into brain tissue. Vitamin B1 has a beneficial effect on inflammatory processes in the nervous system, conducting nerve impulses and improving metabolism. Algoson Plus is used for the symptomatic treatment of pain of different origins: - Headache (type-type, migraine) and toothache; - Inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the locomotory system (rheumatic pain); - After surgery and trauma; - Diseases of the peripheral nervous system (radiculitis, plexitis, neuritis, neuralgia, polyneuritis, polyneuropathies); - Menstrual pain.

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