BetazonTrio 0,500 mg/g+10 mg/g+1 mg/g cream - 15 g tube

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BetazonTrio 0.500 mg / g + 10 mg / g + 1 mg / g cream
Betamethasone + Clotrimazole + Gentamicin

What is BetazonTrio and what it is used for
Betazon Cream is a combined drug intended for use on the skin. The contained corticosteroid betamethasone reduces redness, edema, soothes itching because of its pronounced anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action. The antibiotic gentamicin effectively kills a large number of microorganisms that cause infections in humans, skin. Clotrimazole, in turn, has a strong antifungal effect.

Betazon is used to treat various skin inflammations (dermatitis and eczema) that are suitable for treatment with corticosteroids that have developed an infection with redness, irritation and worsening of the condition.

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