SPASMALGON 2 boxes x 20 tablets in Box /Metamizole sodium / Phytophenone hydrochloride / Fenpiverinium bromide

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What Spazmalgon is and what it is used for
Spazalgon is a combination product that combines pain-relieving and relaxing smooth muscle action.

Spazmalgon is used for the symptomatic treatment of mild or moderate pain syndrome due to spasms of the smooth muscles of the internal organs:
Kidney stone disease and inflammatory urinary tract infections with pain and disturbances in the urination process;
Gastric and intestinal colic, biliary-stone disease, dyskinesia of bile ducts;
Painful menstruation.

How and when to take Spazmallon?
The tablets are taken orally with water after a meal.
Recommended daily doses:
Adults and children over 15 years of age:
1-2 tablets, 2-3 times a day. Maximum daily dose - 6 tablets.
from 12 to 15 years old - 1 table. 2-3 times a day. Maximum daily dose - 3 tablets;
from 9 to 12 years old - 1/2 tab. 2-3 times a day. Maximum daily dose - 2 tablets
The duration of treatment should not exceed 3 days.

Marketing Authorization Holder:
Actavis EAD, Bulgaria.

Balkanpharma-Dupnitsa AD, Bulgaria.

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